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New York City

Justine Ludwig is the Executive Director of Creative Time. She has curated projects with many artists including Shilpa Gupta, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Pedro Reyes, Laercio Rendondo, Paola Pivi, and Pia Camil. Her research interests include the intersections of aesthetics and architecture, violence, economics, and globalization. Ludwig has an MA in Global Arts from Goldsmiths University of London and a BA in Art with a concentration in Art History from Colby College.

For AURORA 2018, she partnered with Dallas-based curator Danielle Avram to create a program under the theme of ‘Future Worlds’ that brought together a selection of artists exploring ideas regarding the convergence of natural and constructed worlds, and the perception of time and space.

"From frozen earthly moments to shifting alien landscapes, each of the artists in our program approaches organically occurring biological and ecological rhythms from the perceived influence of larger cosmic forces—both the understood and the speculative. What is known and familiar exists in harmony with the strange and alien, with humans as intermediaries between the two. By investigating our role as arbiters of change we collapse the past, present and future into a singular self-perpetuating entity that is at once mysterious, yet predictable," Ludwig and Avram say.

AURORA 2018 | Section Artworks:

Freezing Rain by Paula Crown
All the Light You See by Alicia Eggert
Sick Waves by Kristin Lucas
Greater Flamingo, Marching by Krisitin Lucas
Exo by David Stout