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David Stout: EXO, photo by Paperlyte,  installation view at J. Erik Jonsson Central Library



EXO (2018) is a speculative work in the form of an architectural illumination that reimagines the concrete, granite, glass and steel walls of our cities in a newly clothed, fluid, supple and sentient skin. Just as solar panels are receptors of heliotropic energy, EXO suggests a lifelike techno-membrane that is responsive to the intricate eco-rhythms of the planet and extraterrestrial emanations alike. These bio-semiotic codes form exquisite languages that may exist just beyond the threshold of our human apparatus to discern. The artist utilizes a variety of generative software techniques to evoke this new fabric in a scintillating display of encoded light.


David Stout (MFA CalArts) is a visual artist, composer and performer. His award winning works include live cinema, interactive video, electro-acoustic music and performances that integrate immersive projection as an extension of performer, audience and architecture. His recent projects examine the aesthetic possibilities for generative systems, artificial-life networks and simulation environments. He is cofounder of the interactive media ensemble, NoiseFold, whose installations and performances have been exhibited worldwide, from Casablanca, Morocco to Marfa, Texas.

Stout previously founded the MOV-iN Gallery and the Installation, Performance & Interactivity project (IPI) at the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He currently directs the Hybrid Arts Laboratory and coordinates the Initiative for Advance Research in Technology and the Arts at the University of North Texas, where he holds joint positions in Music Composition and Studio Art.