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Immersive and engaging, AURORA is a non-profit public art organization that fuses together art, technology and community, presenting the most visionary artists of our time. We aim to expand the future of art through a dialogue that engages the creative possibilities within ourselves and each other. 

Once every two years, AURORA hosts an expansive free public art event that transforms Downtown Dallas into an open-air, urban playground of new media art . With installations of light, video and sound presented in unexpected places, the sunset signals the transformation of the city into one of the nation’s largest outdoor exhibitions. Here you can join the world’s most thought-provoking curators and artists to be inspired by possibilities of the rapidly changing world around us.

Since its founding in 2010 by artists Shane Pennington and Joshua King, along with veteran Dallas arts supporter Veletta Forsythe Lill, the AURORA Biennial has attracted more than 130,000 visitors, commissioned and presented over 300 local and international artists. It continues to expand its reach and impact, boasting a 5:1 return in economic impact to the city associated with the biennial event. The AURORA Biennial is currently the largest event of its kind in the United States and is quickly becoming a cornerstone cultural event for North Texas with local and international renown.

Click here to see what was featured at previous AURORA Biennials.

AURORA 2018: ‘Future Worlds’ 

James Guerts, Periphery, AURORA 2015


Shane Pennington
Aurora Co-Founder,
Creative Director

Joshua King
Aurora Co-Founder,
Executive Director

Veletta Forsythe Lill
Aurora Co-Founder, Founding Executive
Director of the Dallas Arts District

Undervolt & Co., Cilla Sutfin, AURORA 2015

Miguel Chevalier, AURORA 2018, photo by Nicolas Gaudelet

Refik Anadol, AURORA 2018, photo by Paperlyte

Bruce Wood Dance, AURORA 2018, photo by Paperlyte 

teamVOID & Youngkak Cho, AURORA 2018,  photo by Paperlyte

James Talambas, AURORA 2018,  photo by Paperlyte 

Alicia Eggert, AURORA 2018,  photo by Paperlyte


Monica Salazar
Director of Programming

Anna Russ
Marketing & Communications

Sharon Lyle
Strategy Advisor

Marsha Singer
Exhibition Logistics coordinator

Erica Felicella
Local Art Program coordinator

Jeff Whitfield
Web Architect

Carr Salvo


Emily and David Corrigan

Carol and John Levy

Barbara and Jim Moroney

Sunny and John Ackerman
Jennifer and Peter Altabef
Lydia and Bill Addy
Nancy and Randy Best
Shonn and Clarence Brown
Chris Byrne
Robin and Jim Carreker
Nita and Cullum Clark
Lucilo Peña and Lee Cobb
Maura and Tim Costello
Pam and Mark Denesuk
Claire Dewar
Adrienne Faulkner
Thomas Feulmer and Leland Burk
Tom Fagadau
Melissa and Trevor Fetter
Stacy and Mike Geisler
Carol and Don Glendenning
Juile and Ed Hawes
Mary Jalonick
Nancy and Mike Kerr
Ashlee and Chris Kleinert
Veletta F. Lill and John Lill

Brett and Lester Levy
Willow Sanchez and Peter Lewis
Jill and Brent Magnuson
Karla and Mark McKinley
Lynn and Allan McBee
Suzanne and Patrick McGee
Linda and Patrick McMahon
Vicki and Brian Miller
Susan and Bill Montgomery
Michelle Moussa
Sharon Lyle and Mark Mutschink
Pat Priest
Linda and David Rogers
Catherine and Will Rose
Deedie Rose
Lizzie and Dan Routman
Jodi Shelton
Jackie Sherman
Nicole and Justin Small
Marlene and John Sughrue
Fallon and Robie Vaughn
Donna Wilhelm
Peggy Pepper and Greg Wilkinson




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