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teamVOID & Youngkak Cho: Circulation, photo by Paperlyte, installation view at Dallas City Hall

teamVOID & YOUNGKAK CHO: Circulation


Circulation (2018), a site-specific performance piece, was a collaboration between human and industrial robotic arms: a human being and a robot took turns scooping water from a pond and bringing the water back to its place of origin. The audience became a component in this performance by engaging in this act of circulation alongside the robots. In terms of productivity and labor efficiency, this circulation may have seemed meaningless; the object in motion continuously returned to its place of origin, thus never genuinely moving. Circulation revisited the definition of humanity and technology through the coexistence of humans and machines.

Circulation was a collaborative project by the media artist group teamVOID (Junbong Song, Jaehyuck Bae, Booyoung Seok) and Youngkak Cho.


teamVOID is a Korean trio formed by new media artists Junbong Song, Jaehyuck Bae and Booyoung Seok that creates systematic artworks involving technologies. In their works they attempt to understand properties of general systems, applying their various backgrounds in engineering and arts into aesthetic explorations. They design experimental systems and then realize them as interactive media, kinetic and light sculptures.

Youngkak Cho examines new ways of experience and digital sensibilities produced by interactions between machines and systems. He explores diverse social and technological issues that exist in and out of the system in the latest digital technologies. Cho has presented solo exhibitions at the Cyart Space, Seoul and Gallery MEME, Seoul. He has also participated in many group exhibitions at spaces such as ELEKTRA, Montreal; Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul; Saint-Ex – Culture numérique Reims, Reims; Le Safran, Amiens; Art Center Nabi Museum, Seoul; Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju; and QUT Art Museum, Brisbane.