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Tramaine Townsend: Suspense, 2018, photo by Paperlyte, installation view at
Arts Mission Oak Cliff during AURORA EXPANDED 2018


Video Installation and Performance

A series of video vignettes, Suspense depicts figures that are human in shape, yet something different. Much like our own, their glowing eyes provide windows into their psyches: they have emotions, which viewers can visually sense but do not truly understand. The figures are seen only as their digital selves, disconnected from a real form. Like when scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, in the end, it is up to us, the viewers, to decide how the shadowy figures might feel, however, we are left to assumptions and judgements gathered from the screen instead of real life.


Tramaine Townsend is a visual artist who often works with photogrpahy, design, film and animation. His work explores a minimal approach with calculated production and intensive design. He utilizes these subjects in various mediums for viewers to align it as an experience—one through simple and direct imagery.

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