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Photo by Paperlyte, installation view at Dallas City Hall

Students of Booker T. Washington, The Winston School & Good Shepherd Episcopal School

Group Exhibition

Students from three Dallas schools—Booker T. Washington, The Winston School and Good Shepherd Episcopal School—presented new artworks and performances that reflected AURORA 2018’s theme of ‘Future Worlds.’ Students from Booker T. Washington hosted the event Dead Poet Slam: Things that Still Haunt Us, during which they read aloud poems by late poets such as Richard Hugo, Sylvia Plath, Langston Hughes and Elizabeth Bishop. Students from The Winston School presented a series of mannequin-like figures constructed from electronic devices, primarily analog items such as VHS and cassette players, and selectively chosen articles of clothing; the group of figures was meant to represent different archetypes of the modern era. Students at the Good Shepard Episcopal School created A Structure for Future Visions, which comprised a large series of stacked boxes, each filled with an individual student’s aesthetic interpretation of their vision for the future. Some of these visions included: levitating cars, teleportation, a planet of superheroes and ray guns that give new life.