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Simon Mullan: continuous power, photo by Paperlyte,
installation view at Kay Bailey Convention Center Dallas

continuous power

Sound Installation

In continuous power (2011–ongoing), “high” culture and “street” culture come together in a sculpture-as-concert: Eight custom automobiles projecting sound from powerful, ridiculous hi-fi systems are arranged in a circular formation. This temporary space functions as a surround-sound listening environment for the audience, who may come and go as they please.

Sounds created by Bernhard Rehn, Julian Hruza and Simon Mullan.


The work of Simon Mullan communicates through commonplace domestic materials and store-bought commodities alongside high production video, performance and photography. Infused with an anarchic sense of humor, he consciously collapses concepts of high and low culture in playful and provocative works of art that exist both inside and outside the gallery. He has exhibited internationally, in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Lebanon, France and more.