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Sean Miller: 144°, installation view at The MAC, 2018, photo by Paperlyte


Interactive Light Installation

144° features landscape-like, generative audio and video projections mapped onto a panoramic structure based on a partial cylinder. Visitors will experience a strong immersive sensation through this piece, which uses a simple physical structure inspired by mid-19th century landscape paintings. 144° draws from the early history of immersive virtual art while pointing toward the future of time-based media as it utilizes tightly scaled randomness to produce an organic chaos. The moving abstractions become rocks, mountains, and flowing waters, while the synthetic chirps, buzzes and drones are the sound of elemental forces and hidden fauna.


Sean Miller is an artist working with video, sculpture, installation, live media, performance and sound. His work is the result of a synthesis of media and  focuses on themes of embodiment, synesthetic relationships and living geology. Miller and Lily Taylor comprise the live video/drone performance group Locations. Miller also collaborates with Taylor by providing live visual accompaniment to her solo musical performances in addition to collaborating with performers for Dallas Ambient Music Nights. Miller received his BA in Intermedia Art from the College of Santa Fe in 2004 and earned his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in the spring of 2014. He has taught courses in new media art and creative computation at Richland College, the University of North Texas and Southern Methodist University.

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