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MOM: Boundless Horizons, 2024, sketch

Boundless Horizons


Neighborhood Partner: Bachman Lake Together
Art Quest Neighborhood: Bachman
Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2024; 5pm

Capturing the vibrant juxtaposition of nature and the cosmos, MOM’s Boundless Horizons (2024) symbolizes the vision of Dallas’ Bachman area for their community. A lush green landscape bursts through the confines of a room adorned with shimmering stars, representing dreams and aspirations. This dynamic transition leads to an open field of blossoming flowers, embodying hope, growth, and unity. The seamless blend of these elements reflects the community’s collective yearning for greater access to resources, fostering a nurturing environment for families and children to thrive. The intention for this piece is to provide a window into the boundless potential of a well-supported, interconnected community.


MOM (Brooke Chaney) is a multidisciplinary artist in Dallas, Texas, active since 2020. Their abstracted landscapes use acrylic and latex paint, influenced by processes like silkscreen, vector drawing, and heat transfer vinyl. Their work features layers of flat opaque shapes with implied lines between shifts in color, creating a dynamic contrast in each piece. MOM is currently featured at Meow Wolf in Grapevine, Texas and is co-founder of Dallas artist co-op & studio, Trade Oak Cliff.

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