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Jessica Bell: Family, 2023, sculpture series

Jessica Bell:


Neighborhood Partner: Jubilee Park Community Center, Fair Park First
Art Quest Neighborhood: South Dallas
Date: Saturday, July 20, 2024; 5pm

Jessica Bell’s Family (2023) is a series of six free-standing sculptures, each named after a member of the artist’s family. It celebrates the joy and unity found in familial bonds, which is reflected in the sculptures' vibrant colors. Similar but distinct, they represent the uniqueness of individual family members while showcasing the strength of their interconnectedness. Crafted with care and artistic finesse, the sculptures incorporate organic ceramic elements with various textures and finishes. One of the most captivating aspects of the Family series is its interactive nature⁠—the sculptures can be disassembled and reassembled. Just as families evolve and grow over time, these artworks can adapt, allowing viewers to engage in their transformation.


Jessica Bell is a contemporary sculptor focused on public and community art. She blends traditional techniques with modern design to address societal concerns and personal journeys. Her innovative approach weaves smaller elements into expansive installations or large-scale works. Using playful iconography and reimagining everyday objects, Bell engages viewers with intricate layers of her pieces. Currently, her artistic passion converges with her personal journey into motherhood. Over her career, she's received numerous accolades and artist grants. Her influence extends across public and private spheres, with her pieces adorning public collections at prestigious institutions.

jesslbell.com │ IG: @artistjbell