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Jess Garland: Resurrecting Gaia, 2018, Photo by Paperlyte, performed at Kettle Art Gallery during AURORA EXPANDED 2018

Resurrecting Gaia


Resurrecting Gaia is a music performance by Jess Garland with a harp, guitar and vocals alongside an art installation using visual projections by Pixel Lab and lighting by James Talambas. The performance reflects a rebirth of Gaia, the Goddess of Mother Earth, as the Phoenix expressed in song is influenced by the lifecycle of a relationship.  Through the cycles, Gaia performs a series of rituals for self-care and healing. Using a planetarium setting, the performance explores spirituality, femininity, self-love and conquering fears. Gaia’s rite of passage is intended to inspire others to look inward and become connected to the universe for a hopeful and prosperous future.


Jess Garland is a Dallas-based recording and performing artist. She is a multi-instrumentalist, using a combination of harp and guitar loops to evoke elements of ambient folk and celestial tones. Garland most recently opened for Gingger Shankar during the Fortress Fest Presents Modern Music Series at the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth. She is featured as the harpist for These Machines are Winning‘s album and comic book Slaves for Gods as well as Sunshine Village’s The Buffalo Trees Saved The Children of The Sun. Garland is also a teacher and her studio, Guitar Lessons by Jess, offers a program that has provided more than 100 hours of free music education to students who would otherwise not have had access.  

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