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Jennifer Wester: SoundSkate, 2017


Video Installation

SoundSkate is the exploration of Dallas-based artist Jennifer Wester in collaboration with Milan-based Italian sound engineer Marco Garavaglia and Dallas-based Turkish photographer Can Turkyilmaz. It exposes the auditory architecture of an ice skater in a rhythmic, percussive and entrancing audio-visual production projected at a larger than life scale. A dynamic merging of  skating sounds and focused visuals, SoundSkate transports blade, body and ice from a position of equipment and athlete to that of a musical instrument in motion.

On view:
Tuesday, Oct. 30–Friday, Nov. 2, 10am–5pm; Saturday, Nov. 3, 11am–5pm
Venue: Samuel Lynne Galleries
1105 Dragon St, Dallas, TX 75207


Jennifer Wester is a Dallas-based artist with a degree in the intersection of Computer Science and Fine Art from Yale University. Prior to becoming an artist, she competed at an Olympic level for TeamUSA as a figure skater. Injury forced Wester's retirement from competitive skating in 2010 and simultaneously began her intellectual quest to understand her life-long passion for ice skating—what most would consider an inhospitable environment with unimaginable physical challenges. This investigation lead her to numerous revelations that have since fueled her artistic practice and projects. From light and shadow to sound and the consequences of movement, Wester endeavors to breathe life into the micro-intrigues that entrance her spirit and have guided her life in unexpected, and too often unacknowledged ways.

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