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James Talambas: Quantum Echo, 2018, Photo by Paperlyte, performed at 2606 Bataan St., Dallas

Quantum Echo

Electro-acoustic Performance

A multidimensional electro-acoustic performance, Quantum Echo (2018) is a visual sound, sonically ocular, immersive aural illustration. Inspired by the visceral reverberations of rapidly changing urban landscapes, the audience and composer create a new world together through color, space, dynamic and tones of sound collage.


James Talambas is a multidisciplinary new media artist, composer, sound designer and DJ who creates site-specific, multidimensional and multi-sensory sculptures and murals. He holds a Bachelor of Music Composition from the University of Texas at Arlington and is the founder of New Media Recordings, a multidisciplinary production studio and imprint. Talambas also writes scores for films, produces and arranges for other artists, and has had his works performed internationally.He employs technology, improvisation and space into the pieces he composes, creating personal, immersive electro-acoustic works.

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