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Installation at WAAS Gallery, 2018. Photo by Paperlyte



Founded by artist Brandy Michele Adams, WAAS Gallery hosted ‘CYCLES,’ a presentation of six artists with three pieces of work selected by Adams: En-Compass, Infusoria and Showgirl Video.

En-Compass was a temporary, immersive installation of sound and light inspired by transformation, with a special-event performance hosted and performed by Adams and avant-garde musician Lily Taylor with lighting designed by artist Edward Ruiz. Small groups of participants experienced the created environment with Adams’ performed movements inspired by the symbology of the four directions and cycles of life. At the beginning of the journey, a question was asked to each person: “What is one word that describes your perception for your future?” The answers were recorded into a looping pedal by Taylor, and through the cycle of the experience, the initial recordings faded into the soundscape to reflect the voices of the individuals participating in the installation.

Infusoria is an audio-visual installation by Megan Arzaga, Brett Bolton and Benton Corder in which users participate in the growth rate and evolution of generative organisms. Over time, the organisms evolve into a unique form based on the input received from users. When left idle, the organisms slowly disintegrate and die. Showgirl Video, also by Bolton and Corder, is a real-time audio-visual performance that showcases the truly unpredictable and beautifully flawed nature of electronic live performance. The piece explores the organic textures and features of the natural world in digital forms.


Brandy Michele Adams is an artist and founder of WAAS Gallery, an arts organization located between The Cedars and Fair Park neighborhoods in Dallas. Over the past seven years WAAS has presented exhibits showcasing local, national, and international artists. 

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