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Blake Weld: Field of Lawn Chairs,  2018, Photo by Paperlyte, installation view at 516 Fabrication St., Dallas, Texas

Field of Lawn Chairs

Light Installation

In this installation, several folding chairs are illuminated individually by a flashlight attached to an oscillating fan. The light acts as a trigger for  each chair to be put in motion: in darkness, a chair is collapsed; in lightness, it slowly unfolds and eventually returns to its closed position. Aesthetically, the work derives from the idea of play and its use of imagination and ingenuity to create something from readymade materials that serve a different function. Conceptually, Field of Lawn Chairs (2018) initiates a dialogue that heightens visitors’ consciousness about the implications of advancing technologies on consumerism and capitalism.


Blake Weld is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes video, found objects, small electronics and micro controllers to create and manipulate his work. Weld has exhibited nationally from Cora Stafford Gallery in Denton, TX, to Harry Wood Gallery in Tempe, AZ, and Saint Cloud, MN. He is from a suburb of Minneapolis, MN, where from an early age he experimented and constructed objects from materials found in his father’s garage. Weld received a BFA in 2011 from Saint Cloud State University and during his time as an undergraduate, he collaborated with three other art students to establish a student-run gallery. In 2015, he graduated from University of North Texas with a MFA in Studio Arts.

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