AURORA BIENNIAL 2020–21: ‘Afterwards was already before’

AURORA is pleased to announce the curatorial program and details for its fifth biennial event led by curator Noam Segal and associate curators Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns. Titled ‘Afterwards was already before,’ AURORA’s Biennial will unfold over the next year in a new decentralized format, kicking off with a project by artist Marina Rosenfeld.

Created in response to worldwide changes induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the new format of the AURORA Biennial will include socially distanced and digital projects. The program will launch on November 6th with the opening of Marina Rosenfeld’s Ssalute sound installation and will continue to unfold throughout 2021.

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SSALUTE (2020)

NOV. 6–19, 2020








To support its exponential audience growth, the AURORA Biennial 2020–21 will take place across various locations and venues throughout the city of Dallas. This convergence of art, architecture and innovation was perfectly timed to give prominence to Dallas’s standing as an international contemporary art destination.

“Our aim is to be a city-wide project that expands through and beyond the scope of downtown Dallas. By shifting the central exhibition footprint, the artist will have a fresh canvas to work with, while bringing attention to an iconic public space in the city,” says AURORA Co-Founder Joshua King.


The theme of the AURORA Biennial 2020–21 responds to this timely moment with coiled journeys through places where we all can belong.

Titled ‘Afterwards was already before,’ this edition will highlight the significance of interdependence. Through live and online programming, the AURORA Biennial will weave together events of diverse scales, ranging from the microscopic to the cosmic, questioning the formation of the connective tissue of the eco-commons. Artworks will explore the construction of the public by asking who gets to be part of it and how we—as individuals, collectives and a species—are quilted into it. Click here for more


Curator Noam Segal (New York City) and associate curators Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns (Dallas) are helming the 2020–21 AURORA Biennial, which has been deconstructed into a program that will unfold starting in fall 2020 and continue into 2021, presenting regional, national and international contemporary artists. The AURORA Biennial 2020–21 curatorial teams brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in institutional public art and international exhibitions and have previously worked with a spectrum of emerging to established contemporary artists.

AURORA Biennial 2020–21 Curator Noam Segal 

AURORA Biennial 2020–21 Associate Curators Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns



Emily and David Corrigan

Carol and John Levy

Barbara and Jim Moroney
Sunny and John Ackerman
Jennifer and Peter Altabef
Lydia and Bill Addy
Nancy and Randy Best
Shonn and Clarence Brown
Chris Byrne
Robin and Jim Carreker
Nita and Cullum Clark
Lucilo Peña and Lee Cobb
Maura and Tim Costello
Pam and Mark Denesuk
Claire Dewar
Adrienne Faulkner
Thomas Feulmer and Leland Burk
Tom Fagadau
Melissa and Trevor Fetter
Stacy and Mike Geisler
Carol and Don Glendenning
Juile and Ed Hawes
Mary Jalonick
Nancy and Mike Kerr
Ashlee and Chris Kleinert
Veletta F. Lill and John Lill

Brett and Lester Levy
Willow Sanchez and Peter Lewis
Jill and Brent Magnuson
Karla and Mark McKinley
Lynn and Allan McBee
Suzanne and Patrick McGee
Linda and Patrick McMahon
Vicki and Brian Miller
Susan and Bill Montgomery
Michelle Moussa
Sharon Lyle and Mark Mutschink
Pat Priest
Linda and David Rogers
Catherine and Will Rose
Deedie Rose
Lizzie and Dan Routman
Jodi Shelton
Jackie Sherman
Nicole and Justin Small
Marlene and John Sughrue
Fallon and Robie Vaughn
Donna Wilhelm
Peggy Pepper and Greg Wilkinson

Herman Kolgen: Unwind, PRELUDE 2016


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