AURORA’s Artist Grants program is requesting proposals from Dallas-based artists and collectives for site-specific artwork to be presented during AURORA 2020 at one of the partner venues. Projects will be selected by 2020 curator Noam Segal together with associate curators Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns. We will review all selected projects and then fit each one with an appropriate exhibition venue, which will range from warehouses to museums to galleries to parking lots, alleyways and recycling plants—everything is possible.

As part of the organization’s ongoing programming, AURORA will bring together the technology-based art community and its supporters through a series of site-specific installations, special events, screenings and performances from November 2–6, 2020.


Under the title and theme “How to Live and Die Well in a Thick Present,” AURORA 2020 will take visitors on a coiled journey through a place where everyone can belong. Celebrating our interspecies presence and interdependent networks, the presented program—the title of which references the work of eco-feminist scholar Donna Haraway—will live and die as a massive yet precarious orchestra of sound installations, singing choirs, and holographic and live dance performances. Focused on the overlap between nature and new media, AURORA 2020 will collapse live art and the digital into a single ensemble, challenging our notions about ecology and society, technology and nature.


To apply you must meet all of the following criteria:

-You are an individual artist or collective, who is a registered Dallas resident.

-You agree to create a site-specific project in one of our partner venues which responds to the overall AURORA 2020 theme.

-You must be in Dallas and able to produce, coordinate, schedule, install and deinstall your project at the assigned venue on the given date determined by the committee. The date will be during the week of November 2–6, 2020.

-The project must be contemporary visual art related to the medium(s) of new media, light, video, sound and/or performance.

-The project expenses will not exceed the allocated production budget of $5,000.00. AURORA is unable to support projects exceeding the scale and scope of the allocated production budget.

-Artists are encouraged to apply for other grants but are advised not to rely on receiving them to fulfill their project. Furthermore, artists who wish to solicit individual sponsorship/corporate donations must obtain approval from AUROA beforehand. AURORA receives corporate sponsorship and must ensure there are no conflicts of interest. Please also note the projects supported by Artist Grants may be associated with AURORA’s sponsors on marketing material and on-site signage. We are not always able to credit additional sponsors.

-The project must be installed in a safe manner and abide by all state and federal laws and safety standards. The installation will be assessed and evaluated in consultation with the host venue and AURORA staff.


May 31, 2020 at 11:59PM CST


$5,000.00 USD per selected project


5 grants will be awarded


Click here for the AURORA Grant Application form