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Thank you to everyone who submitted proposals for the AURORA 2018 Artist Grants program for Dallas-based artists and collectives for site-specific artwork to be presented the week of October 26 – November 3, 2018 for AURORA: Future Worlds. 


August 13, 2018 - The Open Call is now closed. 


$2,000.00 USD

The awarded grants were selected by a committee and exhibited at one of the 2018 venues: American Airlines DART Station, Art Mission OC, Cedars Union, First Presbyterian Church, Four Corners Brewery Hotel, Oncor Park, Samuel Lynne Galleries, St. Paul United Methodist Church, Texas Theater, Top 10 Records.

The committee selected the venue for the accepted grants proposals.

The general, underlying curatorial theme for AURORA 2018 was Future Worlds, which invited artists to imagine a series of possible futures. Whether dystopian or utopian, sci-fi or retro-futuristic, the artistic proposals aimed to open a dialogue about how we collectively envision our Future Worlds. AURORA Grantees were selected to complement the overall curatorial theme of the event.

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