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In order to keep AURORA free and open to the public, we rely on the support of generous donations. We deeply appreciate your donations, all of which go toward operational and production costs, including artist fees (we strongly believe in paying artists for their work). AURORA thanks you for your continous support!

Under the theme of ‘Future Worlds,’ the fifth edition of AURORA–a public biennial exhibition focused on light, video and sound art–invites artists and visitors to imagine a series of possible futures. On November 3, 2018, a series of artistic propositions will engage the public and urge audiences to think about the direction our world might take and actively participate in its creation.
We are excited to introduce this new theme as well as a new curatorial team and the new location of Downtown Dallas for this year’s AURORA, which is described by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings as “a cornerstone event for the arts in North Texas”.

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